The following is a list of what I offer on the JFK
Assassination Tour.  Since your tour will be custom
designed to your specifications, I recommend that you
read over this list before calling to schedule your tour.
Basic JFK 101 Tour ( 2 Hours)

Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll) and a drive-
through of the major locations - Oswald's rooming
house, the site where Dallas Police Officer J.D.
Tippit was killed and the Texas Theatre.

3-Hour Tour

Crime scene tour of Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll,
discussing what happened, how many shots were
fired, photographs, film footage showing what
happened at Dealey Plaza

Site where Oswald boarded a city bus

Site where Oswald boarded a taxi cab to Oak Cliff

Exact route from Greyhound Bus Station to
Oswald's rooming house

Route from rooming house to site where Dallas
Police Officer J.D. Tippit was killed

Route Oswald took from Tippit murder scene to
Hardy's Shoe Store and then to the Texas Theatre

Jack Ruby's apartment

Site of Top Ten Record Shop where Officer Tippit
made a phone call moments before his murder

Site of Oswalds' Elsbeth Street residence

Neely residence where famous photograph was
taken of Oswald holding rifle, pistol and the militant

Location of Jack Ruby's Carousel Club

Municipal Building where the Dallas Police
Department was located on the third floor and the
jail on the fourth and fifth floors where Oswald was

Western Union office where Jack Ruby sent $25
over to Fort Worth to one of his burlesque dancers

4-Hour Tour

All that is listed in the 3-Hour Tour plus:

Trade Mart where President Kennedy was going to
make his speech

Parkland Hospital emergency entrance

Oswald's grave located at Rose Hill Cemetery

Additional  sites available

Buell Frazier's home.  Mr. Frazier helped Oswald
find the job at the Texas School Book Depository.

Ruth Paine's home where Marina Oswald and the
children lived

Kennedy parade route from Love Field to Dealey

Residence where Oswald attempted to kill Gen.
Edwin A. Walker

Hotel Texas in Fort Worth where President Kennedy
spent his last night

Rose Cheramie's grave - the woman who knew
about the assassination a week before it occurred

Officer J.D. Tippit's grave
Created by Freda Dillard
DFW Historical Tours
All rights reserved.
Beckley House
Rooming house at 1026 North
Beckley where Oswald lived
X Marks the Spot
"X" marks the spot where the fatal
gunshot struck JFK
The "X" indicates the where
Abraham Zapruder was standing
Triple Underpass
Triple Underpass
The North Tower
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Railroad Switching Station