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Dealey Plaza
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JFK Assassination Tour
Hello! My name is Freda Dillard and I am the owner of DFW Historical
Tours. I was born in Dallas and, except for my high school years, I have
lived in Dallas County all my life. Through the course of my life, I have
learned much of the history of this by hearing the stories of others or
seeing it for myself. However, my fascination with my hometown goes way
beyond that. I wanted to know how Dallas was borne, who were the
people that helped build this city and what continues to make it - in my
opinion of course - the best city in the world.

Unfortunately, one of the events that Dallas is better known for is the
assassination of John F. Kennedy. I was just a few weeks away from my
fifth birthday so I really don't remember much of that day, but my dad
retired from the Dallas Police Department in 1989, after 30 years of
service, and was involved in some of the events that transpired following
the assassination. Through him and others I have had the privilege to
know and learn from - eyewitnesses, other police officers, investigators
and other noted historians - I have acquired a knowledge of the JFK
Assassination that I love sharing with others.

Thus, a tour is born...or, should I say, one of my tours.

Once you experience this tour, I am sure you will want to see more. I also
offer a one-of-a kind Bonnie and Clyde tour. As with the JFK tour, my
knowledge goes well beyond what can be read in a book. In addition,
I will proudly show you Dallas as it is and also as it once was on my
Dallas Then and Now tour.  If you would like to venture to the west, I can
take you to Ft. Worth, where it's said the West begins. You can experience
the Historic Ft. Worth Stockyards, as well as beautiful western art and so
much more. If you would like to see a rodeo on Friday or Saturday
evening, that can be arranged also.
Jerry Dealey, born in Dallas, is a member of the famous Dealey family of
Dallas. His Great Granduncle was George Bannerman Dealey, the founder
of The Dallas Morning News, and for whom Dealey Plaza was named. Also
cousin to Commander Samuel D. Dealey, Jr., the captain of the US
Submarine Harder, Medal of Honor winner and the most decorated Sailor
in World War II.

Jerry is very active in the JFK assassination research community. In
addition to giving tours, Jerry is highly active in forums and other
electronic analysis of the case. He knows and exchanges ideas with many
of the researchers, authors, witnesses and investigators. Jerry has
appeared on local television to discuss the Kennedy assassination as a
public speaker and appeared in documentary films on the subject. Jerry
has published a book on the history of Dallas and Dealey Plaza, as well as
many articles on the assassination.

Jerry is known in the research community as a "Fence Sitter” in that he
cannot be 100% positive of Oswald's sole involvement or prove a
conspiracy. As such, he can evaluate all sides of any argument and sees
the pro and cons with either side. He does not have any "pet theory" that
he has to protect and so can cover every side of every theory.

In addition to Jerry's Kennedy research, he has authored a book on the
history of Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the Dealey family, and The Dallas Morning
News. He is an active Docent at the historic Hall of State in Fair Park, as
well as a Docent at the Dallas County Old Red Courthouse Museum in
Dealey Plaza.